Spring goes on

Spring is an unpredictable time, you can never know how is the weather. This year it has been very cold, but one thing is sure, days are longer and the amount of light has increased so much, so we can’t complain and nature looks always stunning.Melting ice floatsIce floe on top of a stoneSoon the sea is openRusty modelPolyporaceaeFeatherIciclesCountrysideCountryside viewOn the rocksI hope you enjoy pictures where you can see how spring goes on! We are ready for the summer.

Love Sini ❤

Skiing on the ice

One of the best things about winter are sunny days of March. Officially March is the month of spring and it shows. Days are getting longer and brighter. On the other hand it’s still winter, it may be quite cold, we have snow and you can ski on the frozen lake. The snow reflect light an incredible amount and it gives you so much energy.

I love the feeling skiing on the ice. It feels like a total freedom. The thrill of speed, when you can glide on a frozen lake, as long as you ensure there is enough ice under your feet. Spring ice can be really deceptive when it starts to melt. There is a certain point when is no longer safe to go on the ice. It strongly depends on how cold the nights have been. If there has been frost at night it is usually quite safe.

Sini Style FishingLook what I got! A big fish! Well, at least a quite nice size. My hubby is an avid fisherman and we made some holes in the ice and try out a few of his new lures.Lake on the iceBeautifully curved pine tree on the shore. The shoreline begins to melt first, when the sun start to heat and the ground starts to warm up.Sauna cabinBoatsGranaryCottage door

Listen to the sounds when water drips from the eaves. Snows start to melt and birds start to sing, the sounds of spring.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Sini ❤

How to autumn turned into winter

The rest of the year has gone so fast. Autumn was fabulous with all the color splendor. I could spend entire autumn at the park.colors-of-autumnautumn-lightWe visited in magnificent giant’s kettles which are located in Helsinki. There is two of them, one on the top and one on the bottom! They are really miraculous. Nature is amazing.jollaksen-hiidenkirnutSoon after that the first snow rained, already at the beginning of November, which is very early. The joy lasted a couple of weeks, then it melted away. Now in southern Finland there is no snow. Let’s see do we have a white Christmas.the-first-snowThe end of November is the Christmas street opening ceremony and the city switching on the lights to the streets. People can admire festive parade which ran through the city.

When the snows have come and gone, you are lucky when you see rainbow in the end of November ❤rainbow-in-november

Santa Lucia brings light into the dark times. It always reminds me Italy where Santa Lucia is originally from. Listen to this! The girls sang so beautifully.

I wish you a warm and peaceful Christmas time,

Love Sini ❤


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Fagervik – Old charming place

When you see something very beautiful and can’t get your eyes off it! What a charming view! The mansion, the church and the cottage all in the same line by the lake.fagervikFagervik iron works were founded in 1646. The iron works consisted of two iron forges and one blast furnace. Hard times hit the area at the end of the 17th century. For this period  isn’t remaining buildings. The new rise began in the 18th century. Fagervik obtained the sole right in Scandinavia for the production of Fagervik’s speciality, tin-plated iron. This product brought Fagervik wealth. All the buildings that we admire today were built in the 18th century. The mansion was built in 1773. It’s now a private home, so isn’t possible to visit.old-roadgranaryold-red-housesIn these red cottages blacksmiths have lived with their families. As a small detail have to tell, Finland’s first potatoes were grown in Fagervik! Maybe some of these cottages in the backyard?mailboxlovely-atmospheredance-floorOutdoor dance floor ❤old-churcheThe wooden church is one of the few privately owned churches in Finland. The church was built in 1737 and the bell-tower and the chapel were built in 1766. The church holds the oldest working church-organ in Finland. lightparkFrench garden bathed in sunlight. red-houseFagervik is the Finnish countryside at its best. Highly recommend to visit!

Love Sini ❤

Paris light

Is Paris light different than other places? Maybe not, but it will certainly get the buildings look like a movie set piece. Old charming buildings are standing in place strong and powerful, like they have been there for ages.

When you look around, you might feel like you’re in the middle of the painting. No wonder that Paris has always inspired and attracted artists and painters. You always get excellent photos by Paris (or does it feel that way). Light is always different and so it gives every photos different sound and shades. Fascinating.Jardin du Luxembourg At Jardin du Luxembourg the sky seems to have a darker shade of blue, but the left side, outside the picture, the sun is shining.Fontaine de MedicisFontaine de Medicis – one of the famous attraction in Luxembourg Jardin.

Paris roofsParis roofs will always get my heart to pump faster!

Maybe you want to eat something in this lovely courtyard restaurant – Ralph’s.

When you are in Paris you can’t skip cafes or bakeries. Hard to choice! They all look so inviting, but luckily we have our own favorites.Notre DameÎle de la Cité – such a lovely place. In fact it’s an island and the oldest part of Paris. Must to visit. Don’t wonder if you see people on the line front of the cafe, they all want probably the best ice-cream in Paris from Bertillon. You should taste it, so good! Notre DameThe famous cathedral Notre Dame is also situated on Île de la Cité.Street sceneStreet scenery – books and magazines what you don’t find anywhere else.

The river Seine flows through Paris, it’s like a heart of Paris. The most of the main attractions are next to the Seine: Notre Dame, Eiffel, Louvre (where is gorgeous Mona Lisa a mysterious smile on her face – must to see) etc. Many bridges, 32 actually, gives a nice charm to the river and you are want to take picture every of them. In the evening many lights gives it glorious atmosphere and every corner seems to whisper Je t’aime . Which would be a more romantic place to the moonlight walking?Paris bridgeMerci Paris, city of love ❤


Midsummer dreams

Midsummer in Finland is the celebration, when almost everyone wants to go to the cottage at the archipelago or countryside. People packed their cars grill food, steaks, sausages, beverages, swimming suits, towels, summer clothes (rain or shine), although you need more likely wellies and raincoats. Usually it raining, I wonder why? Even it would have been sunny weather otherwise, then Midsummer it rains, earlier or later, or sometimes it’s so cold that you almost need a winter jacket. But weather doesn’t bother at all, because midsummer is full of magic in the air. We can enjoy nightless nights,  which are it literally. Days are the longest and the amount of light is at the highest. From now on days begin to shorten again.Midsummer 2016Midsummer celebration involves a lot of spells and beliefs. All the fairies are on the move and magical things can happen. You have to be very careful what you wish your dreams can come true. Lovely Midsummer flowersThere is some old and fun stories what unmarried young woman can do, to see the man of her dreams. Example collect seven different flowers or herbs and put them under the pillow, then she can see her future husband in dreams at night. All these kind of Midsummer stories are made for younger woman. Sorry young guys, but maybe you are the target of some maiden’s dreams. Never know!Bridge to greeneryFinnish Midsummer falls an integral part of “sauna” (steam room). Sauna is place to relax, wiped away the worries and troubles. To sauna can be done “Vihta” what is made of birch branches, which lightly beaten to skin. Birch branches give a wonderful aroma to sauna. You can also do a foot bath, where you can put a number of herbs.Perfect summer flowerSpeaking of herbs, let me introduce to you Lady’s Mantle, what is one of my favorite herbs. You can mix it for everything or eat just like that. You have to try it. It contains a lot of minerals and antioxidants and keep you healthy. It’s women herb in particular and guarantees the user of the eternal youthfulness. Wow! What is your favorite herb?

Love Sini

Lady's Mantle                   PS. Sometimes it hides a drop of water inside, like in this picture.

Glorious shades of green

It has been amazingly warm May and nature has become greener and greener every day! If I could I spend all the days outdoors admiring at the stunning , flowering parks and the smell of floral scents ❤Beautiful parkLook at this beautiful elm. It’s full of seeds and it looks like the tree is full of green roses.. Did you know that elm seeds can be eaten? They are very tasty.Elm seedOn May has been many happenings on the outside over the city. One is restaurant day, when people can keep they own restaurant and make some specials to sell. We visited on charming Villa,  what is absolutely my kind of  old house. There we enjoy lovely, homemade vegetable pie and yasmin ice tea. So delicious!My Dreaming Villa

On May was also Mother’s Day, when we went a l-o-n-g and good lunch. This shot was taken by my oldest son before the lunch. Love my family ❤ ❤ ❤Mother's DayHave a magnificent summer days and enjoy the sun ❤


Easter trip

We made a little Easter trip to Tallinn. When you live in Helsinki, it´s very easy to visit at Tallinn, you just need to jump to the ferry. Ok, on Easter time ferries are fully booked and you have to know well in advance, that on Easter you want to do the sea journey.TallinnThe weather was sunny and terrance was full of people. Everyone wants to outside table! Mission impossible. Newcomers would have been more than a space. The Center is full of restaurants, but on a day like this, they should be even more.Gallerie magnonSo we began to walk around the old town of Tallinn and see the sights. There is plenty of charming old buildings, which are beautifully worn. I love old houses, they are so shabby chic ❤Old TallinnThe old town is definitely the famous part of Tallinn and it has been chosen one of the UNESCO World Heritage Cities. Worth to visit, because it has a big historical value too.TulipsWhat color would you choose? I think I need those pink beauties in the upper right corner.

Pretty shoes

Is there any women who can resist these kind of beauties? I don’t think so. Very elegant. They stole my heart!

I wish you a gorgeous weekend ❤

Love Sini



It makes my heart singing. Daylight increases, we get more energy and it just like we all wake up after winter.

In South Helsinki we are lucky, because we have sea around us. So I can easily go walk on seashore and listen to the ocean waves. The sea is already open and there is no ice anymore.The blue momentMy husband is an eager fisherman. Summer time he has hook and line in his hand and winter time it´s all about ice fishing!

Usually he has ice fishing competition every weekend on winter, but now there was one day without important competitions ;). Our youngest son wanted to go ice fishing too and we take a car and drove a little further from Helsinki, that we reached the lake, where the ice was well sustainble.HormajärviMe and our youngest son on the last safety lake ice.

Ice fishing on HormajärviIce fishing is like an art! The magical blue moment ❤

Next time you don’t see ice here anymore, it’s gone for a little while! See you soon, I will update some pictures of our Easter trip.

Love Sini

Sea steam

I know you want to see pictures of the Finnish winter and of course snow. Winter began in January very cold and the temperature was dropped so low. Hrrh! …but we can admire at the wonders of nature. One is absolutely this gorgeous view when sea steams! It happened when the sea was warmer than the air. The landscape seemed to stun wonderful and felt chilly.Sea steamEarly on February the weather suddenly changed and it started to rain, unfortunately no snow, but water! It’s usually the coldest time in Finland, but then we needed wellies! Now it started to look like winter again, what is good, because in Finland students spend skiing holiday.

Elm tree at winterLove this elm tree in Tähtitorninmäki. It’s beautiful around a year. Strong, powerful and very old. Tähtitorninmäki is a hill middle of the south Helsinki and one of my favorite places. There you can watch skyline and the view of the city.Winter alley at KaivopuistoSnowy alley in Kaivopuisto. Kaivopuisto is a large park near Tähtitorninmäki. It’s very lovely place and you can imagine it’s full of people in summertime having piknik and chilling.Winter at Kaivopuisto

The end picture of me and my son, who is ready for a high school prom. White tie ❤

White tie

Have  a great week!

Love Sini ❤