Sea steam

I know you want to see pictures of the Finnish winter and of course snow. Winter began in January very cold and the temperature was dropped so low. Hrrh! …but we can admire at the wonders of nature. One is absolutely this gorgeous view when sea steams! It happened when the sea was warmer than the air. The landscape seemed to stun wonderful and felt chilly.Sea steamEarly on February the weather suddenly changed and it started to rain, unfortunately no snow, but water! It’s usually the coldest time in Finland, but then we needed wellies! Now it started to look like winter again, what is good, because in Finland students spend skiing holiday.

Elm tree at winterLove this elm tree in Tähtitorninmäki. It’s beautiful around a year. Strong, powerful and very old. Tähtitorninmäki is a hill middle of the south Helsinki and one of my favorite places. There you can watch skyline and the view of the city.Winter alley at KaivopuistoSnowy alley in Kaivopuisto. Kaivopuisto is a large park near Tähtitorninmäki. It’s very lovely place and you can imagine it’s full of people in summertime having piknik and chilling.Winter at Kaivopuisto

The end picture of me and my son, who is ready for a high school prom. White tie ❤

White tie

Have  a great week!

Love Sini ❤

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