It makes my heart singing. Daylight increases, we get more energy and it just like we all wake up after winter.

In South Helsinki we are lucky, because we have sea around us. So I can easily go walk on seashore and listen to the ocean waves. The sea is already open and there is no ice anymore.The blue momentMy husband is an eager fisherman. Summer time he has hook and line in his hand and winter time it´s all about ice fishing!

Usually he has ice fishing competition every weekend on winter, but now there was one day without important competitions ;). Our youngest son wanted to go ice fishing too and we take a car and drove a little further from Helsinki, that we reached the lake, where the ice was well sustainble.HormajärviMe and our youngest son on the last safety lake ice.

Ice fishing on HormajärviIce fishing is like an art! The magical blue moment ❤

Next time you don’t see ice here anymore, it’s gone for a little while! See you soon, I will update some pictures of our Easter trip.

Love Sini

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