Easter trip

We made a little Easter trip to Tallinn. When you live in Helsinki, it´s very easy to visit at Tallinn, you just need to jump to the ferry. Ok, on Easter time ferries are fully booked and you have to know well in advance, that on Easter you want to do the sea journey.TallinnThe weather was sunny and terrance was full of people. Everyone wants to outside table! Mission impossible. Newcomers would have been more than a space. The Center is full of restaurants, but on a day like this, they should be even more.Gallerie magnonSo we began to walk around the old town of Tallinn and see the sights. There is plenty of charming old buildings, which are beautifully worn. I love old houses, they are so shabby chic ❤Old TallinnThe old town is definitely the famous part of Tallinn and it has been chosen one of the UNESCO World Heritage Cities. Worth to visit, because it has a big historical value too.TulipsWhat color would you choose? I think I need those pink beauties in the upper right corner.

Pretty shoes

Is there any women who can resist these kind of beauties? I don’t think so. Very elegant. They stole my heart!

I wish you a gorgeous weekend ❤

Love Sini


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