Midsummer dreams

Midsummer in Finland is the celebration, when almost everyone wants to go to the cottage at the archipelago or countryside. People packed their cars grill food, steaks, sausages, beverages, swimming suits, towels, summer clothes (rain or shine), although you need more likely wellies and raincoats. Usually it raining, I wonder why? Even it would have been sunny weather otherwise, then Midsummer it rains, earlier or later, or sometimes it’s so cold that you almost need a winter jacket. But weather doesn’t bother at all, because midsummer is full of magic in the air. We can enjoy nightless nights,  which are it literally. Days are the longest and the amount of light is at the highest. From now on days begin to shorten again.Midsummer 2016Midsummer celebration involves a lot of spells and beliefs. All the fairies are on the move and magical things can happen. You have to be very careful what you wish your dreams can come true. Lovely Midsummer flowersThere is some old and fun stories what unmarried young woman can do, to see the man of her dreams. Example collect seven different flowers or herbs and put them under the pillow, then she can see her future husband in dreams at night. All these kind of Midsummer stories are made for younger woman. Sorry young guys, but maybe you are the target of some maiden’s dreams. Never know!Bridge to greeneryFinnish Midsummer falls an integral part of “sauna” (steam room). Sauna is place to relax, wiped away the worries and troubles. To sauna can be done “Vihta” what is made of birch branches, which lightly beaten to skin. Birch branches give a wonderful aroma to sauna. You can also do a foot bath, where you can put a number of herbs.Perfect summer flowerSpeaking of herbs, let me introduce to you Lady’s Mantle, what is one of my favorite herbs. You can mix it for everything or eat just like that. You have to try it. It contains a lot of minerals and antioxidants and keep you healthy. It’s women herb in particular and guarantees the user of the eternal youthfulness. Wow! What is your favorite herb?

Love Sini

Lady's Mantle                   PS. Sometimes it hides a drop of water inside, like in this picture.

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