Fagervik – Old charming place

When you see something very beautiful and can’t get your eyes off it! What a charming view! The mansion, the church and the cottage all in the same line by the lake.fagervikFagervik iron works were founded in 1646. The iron works consisted of two iron forges and one blast furnace. Hard times hit the area at the end of the 17th century. For this period  isn’t remaining buildings. The new rise began in the 18th century. Fagervik obtained the sole right in Scandinavia for the production of Fagervik’s speciality, tin-plated iron. This product brought Fagervik wealth. All the buildings that we admire today were built in the 18th century. The mansion was built in 1773. It’s now a private home, so isn’t possible to visit.old-roadgranaryold-red-housesIn these red cottages blacksmiths have lived with their families. As a small detail have to tell, Finland’s first potatoes were grown in Fagervik! Maybe some of these cottages in the backyard?mailboxlovely-atmospheredance-floorOutdoor dance floor ❤old-churcheThe wooden church is one of the few privately owned churches in Finland. The church was built in 1737 and the bell-tower and the chapel were built in 1766. The church holds the oldest working church-organ in Finland. lightparkFrench garden bathed in sunlight. red-houseFagervik is the Finnish countryside at its best. Highly recommend to visit!

Love Sini ❤

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