Skiing on the ice

One of the best things about winter are sunny days of March. Officially March is the month of spring and it shows. Days are getting longer and brighter. On the other hand it’s still winter, it may be quite cold, we have snow and you can ski on the frozen lake. The snow reflect light an incredible amount and it gives you so much energy.

I love the feeling skiing on the ice. It feels like a total freedom. The thrill of speed, when you can glide on a frozen lake, as long as you ensure there is enough ice under your feet. Spring ice can be really deceptive when it starts to melt. There is a certain point when is no longer safe to go on the ice. It strongly depends on how cold the nights have been. If there has been frost at night it is usually quite safe.

Sini Style FishingLook what I got! A big fish! Well, at least a quite nice size. My hubby is an avid fisherman and we made some holes in the ice and try out a few of his new lures.Lake on the iceBeautifully curved pine tree on the shore. The shoreline begins to melt first, when the sun start to heat and the ground starts to warm up.Sauna cabinBoatsGranaryCottage door

Listen to the sounds when water drips from the eaves. Snows start to melt and birds start to sing, the sounds of spring.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Sini ❤

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