Paris light

Is Paris light different than other places? Maybe not, but it will certainly get the buildings look like a movie set piece. Old charming buildings are standing in place strong and powerful, like they have been there for ages.

When you look around, you might feel like you’re in the middle of the painting. No wonder that Paris has always inspired and attracted artists and painters. You always get excellent photos by Paris (or does it feel that way). Light is always different and so it gives every photos different sound and shades. Fascinating.Jardin du Luxembourg At Jardin du Luxembourg the sky seems to have a darker shade of blue, but the left side, outside the picture, the sun is shining.Fontaine de MedicisFontaine de Medicis – one of the famous attraction in Luxembourg Jardin.

Paris roofsParis roofs will always get my heart to pump faster!

Maybe you want to eat something in this lovely courtyard restaurant – Ralph’s.

When you are in Paris you can’t skip cafes or bakeries. Hard to choice! They all look so inviting, but luckily we have our own favorites.Notre DameÎle de la Cité – such a lovely place. In fact it’s an island and the oldest part of Paris. Must to visit. Don’t wonder if you see people on the line front of the cafe, they all want probably the best ice-cream in Paris from Bertillon. You should taste it, so good! Notre DameThe famous cathedral Notre Dame is also situated on Île de la Cité.Street sceneStreet scenery – books and magazines what you don’t find anywhere else.

The river Seine flows through Paris, it’s like a heart of Paris. The most of the main attractions are next to the Seine: Notre Dame, Eiffel, Louvre (where is gorgeous Mona Lisa a mysterious smile on her face – must to see) etc. Many bridges, 32 actually, gives a nice charm to the river and you are want to take picture every of them. In the evening many lights gives it glorious atmosphere and every corner seems to whisper Je t’aime . Which would be a more romantic place to the moonlight walking?Paris bridgeMerci Paris, city of love ❤