Fagervik – Old charming place

When you see something very beautiful and can’t get your eyes off it! What a charming view! The mansion, the church and the cottage all in the same line by the lake.fagervikFagervik iron works were founded in 1646. The iron works consisted of two iron forges and one blast furnace. Hard times hit the area at the end of the 17th century. For this period  isn’t remaining buildings. The new rise began in the 18th century. Fagervik obtained the sole right in Scandinavia for the production of Fagervik’s speciality, tin-plated iron. This product brought Fagervik wealth. All the buildings that we admire today were built in the 18th century. The mansion was built in 1773. It’s now a private home, so isn’t possible to visit.old-roadgranaryold-red-housesIn these red cottages blacksmiths have lived with their families. As a small detail have to tell, Finland’s first potatoes were grown in Fagervik! Maybe some of these cottages in the backyard?mailboxlovely-atmospheredance-floorOutdoor dance floor ❤old-churcheThe wooden church is one of the few privately owned churches in Finland. The church was built in 1737 and the bell-tower and the chapel were built in 1766. The church holds the oldest working church-organ in Finland. lightparkFrench garden bathed in sunlight. red-houseFagervik is the Finnish countryside at its best. Highly recommend to visit!

Love Sini ❤

Sea steam

I know you want to see pictures of the Finnish winter and of course snow. Winter began in January very cold and the temperature was dropped so low. Hrrh! …but we can admire at the wonders of nature. One is absolutely this gorgeous view when sea steams! It happened when the sea was warmer than the air. The landscape seemed to stun wonderful and felt chilly.Sea steamEarly on February the weather suddenly changed and it started to rain, unfortunately no snow, but water! It’s usually the coldest time in Finland, but then we needed wellies! Now it started to look like winter again, what is good, because in Finland students spend skiing holiday.

Elm tree at winterLove this elm tree in Tähtitorninmäki. It’s beautiful around a year. Strong, powerful and very old. Tähtitorninmäki is a hill middle of the south Helsinki and one of my favorite places. There you can watch skyline and the view of the city.Winter alley at KaivopuistoSnowy alley in Kaivopuisto. Kaivopuisto is a large park near Tähtitorninmäki. It’s very lovely place and you can imagine it’s full of people in summertime having piknik and chilling.Winter at Kaivopuisto

The end picture of me and my son, who is ready for a high school prom. White tie ❤

White tie

Have  a great week!

Love Sini ❤

Winter Wonderland

The best winter time is now going on. Nature is full of snow and it looks great. Snow gives nature radiant and luxurious look. It illuminates the world.

The temperature in Helsinki is about -9 degrees Celsius (15,8 degrees Fahrenheit), not too cold, but it has been lowest -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit). Oh boy, you can imagine, it was freezing.

Winter Wonderland 1

Sini ready to ski

Ready to ski ❤ If you have this kind of landscape front of you, I’m sure, you would like to ski too!

Winter Wonderland 2Winter Wonderland 4Winter Wonderland 5Winter Wonderland 6

Best winter regards ❤


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Days are going so fast and it’s only four nights before Christmas eve. In Finland we celebrate Christmas in Christmas eve, when comes Santa Claus and presents are given. Festive dinner is served in the evening and everybody are dressed in their best. Lantern glowI have been bake some Christmas goodies. In my favourite cake is a lot of spices; cinnamon, cardamom, carnation, ginger and bitter orange peel. Oh, and smell, it’s awesome. I do this delicious spice cake year-round, not only at Christmas time, but of course it’s perfect in this time.Sini Christmas time 2015Would you like a piece? Just a little warm mulled wine, good company, Christmas songs playing in the background and the Christmas mood and atmosphere is ready.Christmas cake

Here is some lovely Christmas songs to You ❤

Have a magical time,

Sini ❤

Christmas time

Most of us loves Christmas, so do I. Beautiful lights shine through the darkness and illuminate streets, houses and homes and bringing the grandeur of this special time. You can feel the magic of Christmas in the air ❤

Christmas markets open, every corner smells of mulled wine, spicy scents spread through the streets. Children’s faces turn to big smiles, when they can enjoy the carousel ride. What a joy!

Christmas StreetChristmas Carousel in HelsinkiChristmas carouselChristmas marketsSenaatintoriChristmas street lights

Love and light ❤


Summer memories

When the days begin to be darker and grayer on November, you start to look back on the summer. Hot and sunny days, when the sun shines clear, cloudless sky the whole day.  The best part of Finland is pure nature and of course, it’s best in the summer time. And where you want to spend your summer days? At the countryside, definitely!Beach sceneryOld house yardOld fenceBullsGranaryOld wellCranberry blossomsLake

The best time ever! Waiting for next summer ❤


Autumn mood

It has been such a beautiful autumn. I’m so fascinated all rich and powerful colors what nature can offer us. The sun has been shined almost every day and the air felt so fresh. Perfect weather to spend all days outdoors, if it’s only possible. It feels, like we have to take all light and energy to ourselves before next, maybe a little grayer and darker season what is ahead. Old VolvoThis is absolutely one of my favorite photo this autumn. Old charming blue-gray Volvo, at the background a burnt yellow color of the building and deciduous trees in colorful leaves.KaivohuoneColorful trees

Let’s enjoy the moment ❤


Where did it all began

Yay, they are finally open, my own website! Maybe I would’t ever managed this without my older son help, so thanks for him. Young men are so good with technical problems. Here I´m going to published a lot of my pictures. So come along!

Veronica Chamaedrys

I have always love taken photos, even when I was a kid. In the seventies, my childhood, we didn’t have many toys, but I found somewhere a real camera. Wow, I was totally hooked! My first pictures are taken by flowers. Oh yes, the quality maybe isn’t so good, but the theme was certainly near Ladies heart! I still have that album and I love it. That is where everything get started.

Some year ago
Here I’m four years old in the seventies

Nowadays taken pictures is so easy. Almost everybody have camera on their mobile and you can immediately share your pictures in internet with many people. I have to say, it’s so lovely, that we can all be contact each other, regardless of where we live.

Love Sini ❤